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I live in Louisville, Ky where the people are smarter and nicer than the city itself. If you can stand guessing what the weather is going to be every five minutes, you can live here. I blame the river. I've lived here my whole life, but dreams of sand and palm trees breeze through my ears. With sand between my toes would I really feel at home? Since my younger days I've asked that question every winter. That's why when I vacation it's to somewhere with ocean salt in the air or a climate of blazing sun, because I absolutely hate snow. This white frozen water of death has been many a downfall through my years.

Born on April 8th, 1981 gave me the opportunity to indulge in the pre-internet society where kids spent their days outside, faces in books, and going to the movies ment gathering info from critics and tv shows then taking a chance on an experience of wonder. Every movie had a chance back then. Nowadays it seems even the mail man can spoil it for everyone. Never watching the behind the scenes, clips, or going through photos. I stay with the old school method of critics, posters, and trailers. That sense of wonder is what it's all about.

Those childhood memories of escape during the harsh winters to the movies have always been with me. It's my cage, and one that I gladly throw away the key too. I knew since I was young that I had to do something with movies. I started learning to make posters, then on to editing video, and all the while tossing around plots in my head and writing them down. I ended up finding my niche in screenwriting. I have found no better way to live my life than as a screenwriter. I want to share what I have to the world. I want to entertain. I want to give the kids of today the wonder that I had when I was young. That is what I do. That is why I do it.